Zachary “Zig” Graf

Meet Our Founding Daddy

Raised in an environment steeped in firearms training and instruction, Zach "Zig" Graf was introduced to the world of shooting and tactics at the tender age of three. He grew up witnessing his father in his role as a LEO Firearms Instructor, teaching innovative techniques that would become the standard for Police and special weapons teams nation-wide.

Early on, his ambition and competitive drive inspired him to progress from plinking .22s on the range to practicing use of force on a firearms training simulator under his father's supervision. By the age of seven, this rebel quickly realized his cause following a ban from the simulator when his abilities behind the gun eclipsed those of his father’s students.

This passion for shooting and training carries on to this day, where as a civilian, he has worked with training facilities that cater to private contractors, law enforcement, and military personnel both as OPFOR as well as alongside those teaching and attending.

His sought-after knowledge on various weapon systems and techniques coupled with the urge to transfer that knowledge into his community at such a pivotal moment in history inspired the birth of

Index Technologies

We are a community with a unique civilian majority to feed our perspectives and every day approach to weaponry.

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Too often in this social climate, the story doesn’t start until after the trigger gets pulled. We want to know who you are and what got YOU behind the barrel, or has you thinking about it, even if you’ve yet to shoot your shot. Discussion is so important, and we aim to make you feel safe enough to truly unload with us- in more ways than one.

But not like that.

Ya sick fuck.

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